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ICAC キャラクターロゴ 2014


Symposium Ⅰ “Zoonoses around living environment”

OrganizerSociety for Zoonoses Research


Venue: Waraku Meeting Room


Purpose: Except for cats and dogs, many pet animals such as small birds, reptiles (turtles, snakes, lizards etc.), amphibian (flogs, salamanders etc.), and tropical fish are raised in human society. We have organized six lectures 1. Current trends of zoonoses, 2. Rabies, 3. Salmonellosis, 4. Dermatophytosis, 5. Echinococcosis, 6. Control of infectious diseases in the symposium “Zoonoses around living environment”. It will be a great pleasure if the symposium will be helpful for correct awareness of zoonoses, and for your happy and comfort life with pets.


Symposium Ⅱ “Animals Unlock People’s Hearts ~ CAPP Activities Exceed 15,000 Sessions”

OrganizerJapanese Animal Hospital Association


Venue: Kitano Meeting Room


Supporting Company: Royal Canin Japon


Purpose: JAHA (Japanese Animal Hospital Association) began its Companion Animal Partnership Program (CAPP) in 1986. Since then it has provided AAA (Animal Assisted Activity), AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) or AAE (Animal Assisted Education) on more than 15,000 separate occasions across these three fields. Through such activities it is clear that even regular companion animals living in ordinary homes with their owners (the volunteers) can make a major contribution to the people’s welfare, medicine and education.


Symposium Ⅲ “The Cycle of Violence: The Connection Between Violence to Humans and Animals”

OrganizerJapan Animal Welfare SocietyJapanese Coalition for Animal Welfare


Venue: Ikuta Meeting Room


Purpose: In recent years the idea of including animal abuse in the contemplation of violent acts toward human beings is gaining wider acceptance. An attempt to consider acts of animal abuse coexisting with child abuse, DV, the abuse of the elderly as well as with other violent crimes will be made with input from professionals in the field.


Symposium Ⅳ “Always Together” — A Great Society Providing Excellent Owner Support



Venue: Ikuta Meeting Room


Supporting Company: Nestle Japan Ltd., Nestle Purina PetCare


Purpose: Pet owners in Japan are supported by two key pillars of society, ‘industry’ and ‘welfare’. But our population will soon comprise 40% elderly and 37% single people. So a great challenge is arising to support a society in which people and animals are together all the time. Our discussions will consider and forecast the great potential and bright future ahead for people and animals.


Symposium Ⅴ “One World, One Health — What is Happening in Polar Areas?

OrganizerThe Japanese Society of Zoo and Wildlife MedicineJapan Bear Network


Venue: Kitano Meeting Room


Purpose: Environmental change has a big impact on much of our wildlife world-wide. Global warming has already caused dramatic change to the polar environments, and the wildlife has suffered, including polar bears. We will be sharing information about what is happening at these distant sites, and consider how to secure our future.


Sympojium Ⅵ “Damage to the Livestock Industry Caused by Wild Animals”

OrganizerJapan Veterinary Medical Association


Venue: Waraku Meeting Room


Supporting Company:  DS Pharma Animal Health Co., Ltd.


Purpose: The damage caused by wild animals to agriculture and forestry has become a major social issue. In recent years damage to animal industry sites, such as livestock and feed production sites, has also been recognized. This symposium will discuss th e actual damage to animal industry sites and the relationship this has with agriculture and forestry damage. Potential measures to tackle the problems and ways to co-exist with wild animals will be considered.


■ Symposium Ⅶ “Advanced Veterinarian Technologies and Terminal Medical Care for Pets (incl. Euthanasia)”

Organizer: Japanese Society for Applied Animal Behaviour


Venue: Waraku Meeting Room


Purpose: With pets now being regarded as ‘members of the family’ and ‘members of society’, expectations for the quality and options of their medical treatment have risen. Veterinarian doctors, nurses and owners will come together at this symposium to discuss the more advanced veterinarian technologies and care options now possible for treating terminally ill pets and providing a peaceful death (incl. euthanasia).


Symposium Ⅷ “Stock raising Now! Food safety and animal welfare”

OrganizerThe Japanese Society of Veterinary Science


Venue: Kitano Meeting Room


Purpose: Although achievement of food safety has long been called for in farm animal breeding, the situation where animal welfare must be taken into consideration is now imminent. In this symposium, we will be discussing on whether welfare of farm animals and safety of the animal products are a trade-off (or incompatible) or whether they can have a synergistic relationship, thereby addressing how the farm animal breeding of Japan should cope with the current situation.


Simposium Ⅸ “Teaching Children that All Life is Precious: Nara Prefecture’s “Inochi” Education”

OrganizerNara Prefecture Uda Animal Park Promotion Office, Japan Animal Welfare Society, PIIA Knots


Venue: Ikuta Meeting Room


Supporting Company: Mars Japan Ltd.


Purpose: Nara Prefecture’s “Inochi” Life Education Program helps children to build greater empathy and consideration for life in all its various forms. We will discuss the process of the program, its evaluation, and how it can build a more healthy future for both people and animals.