About Knots


About Knots

‘Knots’ are the “ties that bind us”

We aim to realize improve lifestyles for ‘all kinds of lives’ by tying ‘people to people’, and `people to animals`. With many such ties we want to create a ‘happy society for people and other animals’.

Towards a Happier Society for People and All Animals
– Harmonized for Living Together –

Relationships exist between people and their companion animals, industrial animals and wild animals, and all of them have some impact or influence on the others.
We at Knots believe it is important to all animals ‘live in the right balance’ by a clear grasp of those relationships and founded on mutual understanding.
Working to promote more ‘harmony’ in the balance between Earth’s animal populations, will lead to Knots’ ultimate aim to realize ‘better consortism’ (def: mutual dependency between two organisms) and a ‘society that people and Animals become happy’


Key Knots Projects

—Live Love Animals   International Conference on All Creatures Care in KOBE—
To better appreciate the existence of all animals around us and, towards greater happiness, we humans need to undertake greater responsibility. Participants consider and study these ‘responsibilities’ with member input.


DSC_8953 DSC_9246 DSC_8973

Theme characters for the International Conference on All Creatures Care in KOBE
The Hawaiian names ‘Akua (God) and ‘PukaKomo’ (Door), joined together and translated into Japanese as “doorway to God” form the name ‘Kobe’.


—Live Love Animals   Symposium & Festival—
‘Live Love Animals’ is a general term denoting Knots’ PR activities.

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—Live Love Animals Award—
-Each year since 2000, we have recognized those commendable corporations and organizations which have contributed to the happier coexistence of people and animals with this special Award.  

IMG_9999 DSC_0928 DSC_0917


—The ‘Always Be Together’ Project —
An activity supporting pet owners struggling after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.


 —Nara Prefecture’s “Inochi” Education—
Combining the strength of two more than doubles the power. Since 2012, we have the jointly project with Nara Prefecture Uda Animal Park Promotion Office.

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—Direction of Dog Runs, Dog Sports Meetings—
Fun and safe dog run events and days out for dogs and their owners.

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—Research and Advisory—
Conduct studies on human / animal coexistence so that a society of people and animals can live together more happily. We consult to schools and businesses, and help with product and services development.


—HCJ Projects—
HCJ Projects Link (Japanese)


—Government Commissioned Projects—
Plan and organize ‘human and animal’ related work commissioned by local governments.



—Dispatch of lecturers: We send expert speakers to talk at various lectures and seminars.—


Providing Information—
A variety of information about the coexistence of people and animals is made available through our website and email magazines.
We would like to invite more sign-ups to our ‘Knots Club’ mail magazine. (Japanese only)


—Promoting Effective Use of Wild Animals—
Create a more effective use for the skin, bone and meat from culling over populated wild animals. This promotion work aids ‘environmental protection, ecosystem protection and community vitalization’.

—Supporting for the Independence of handicapped peolpe
The Knots ‘Good to Have’ Series
With handicapped people helping our product development, manufacturing and sales efforts, we contribute to their independence.
We also sell products made from the meat of deer and wild boars. Our snacks are additive-free, natural, safe and sound!

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Please join us!

An invitation to people who agree with our policies and support our activities.

Please contact Knots Secretariat.

● Regular members
Individuals and organizations supporting the Knots philosophy, policies and willing
to help us as volunteers. New member joining fee free and annual fees: ¥1,000
● Knots ALOOHA Club
Individuals and organizations supporting the Knots philosophy, policies and wanting
to help us with financial support.


—Requesting Donations—
All Knots activities are supported by the kindness and generosity of many people. Donations received pay towards our activities and administration costs.

Sponsoring and Donations are eligible for tax privileges(In Japan only):
Individual: tax deductible from income
Corporate: special advantages
Please see website for details:  http://www.knots.or.jp/ (Japanese only)

Please make payments to either of the following:
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Shukugawa Branch,
Ordinary Account 4120523,
Name Kouekishadanhoujin Knots
Japan Post Bank
438, Ordinary Account 1469919,
Name Kouekishadanhoujin Knots


—Outline of Association—
Founded as NPO (Non Profit Organization) Knots, 10.05.2000
Established as a General Incorporated Association, 12.01.2010
Became PIIA (Public Interest Incorporated Association) Knots, 12.11.2010


PIIA Knots Officers—
Board Chairperson: Kayoko TOMINAGA

-Graduated from Nagasaki University, Faculty of Economics
-Member of the Hyogo Prefecture, Wildlife Management and Planning Council (2003 / 2004)
-Member of the Hyogo Prefecture, Committee to Formulate Countermeasures for Introduced Species (2004)
-Member of the Wild Animals Protection & Management Council (Dec. 9, 2005~ Mar. 31, 2007)
-Part-time Lecturer at Nagasaki University, Faculty of Economics (Oct. 1, 2010~ Mar. 31, 2011)
-Committee Member of the Veterinary Affairs Council, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (Sep. 2012~Aug.2018)
-Councilor of the Japanese Society of Veterinary History (2013~)
-Vice Chair of the Conference for the Study of “Inochi” Education at Uda Animal Park in Nara Prefecture (2013~)
-Nagasaki City Tourism Ambassador (Dec. 2014~)
-Part-time Lecturer at Mukogawa Women’s University (Apr. 2015~)
-Public Relations Adviser at Shiga University (May 2017~)
-Co-author of ‘Hyogo no Ikimonotachi’ / The Living Creatures of Hyogo (published by Kobe Newspaper Publishing Center)
Contributor to ‘Chikyujin’ No.9 2006 (published by Being Net Press)
Exsective Officer: Hisanori SHIRAKAWA
Board Members: Ken SATO
Bureau Chief / Board Members: Miyoko KITAMURA
Supervisor: Masahiro HORIO

—Secretariat Addresses—
110-2 7F-12, Ito-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 650-0032
Tel: 050-3730-0738  Fax: 050-3730-0738
Email:   info@knots.or.jp
Website: http://knots.or.jp
Shop URL:  http://knots.or.jp/shop