IAHAIO「人と動物の関係学」オンラインコースに関するお知らせ(Announcement about Anthrozoology Online Training Course)



IAHAIO 副会長のDr. Elizabeth Ormerod先生より、オランダの通信制大学とIAHAIOの新たな取り組みとして、「人と動物の関係学」のオンラインコース開講についてのお知らせを頂きました!






Announcement about Anthrozoology Online Training Course

From Dr. Elizabeth Ormerod, a vice president for membership of IAHAIO, we have received an information about an online training course in Anthrozoology, an initiative by the Open University of Netherlands and IAHAIO.

This will allow many more individuals to access training in human-animal interactions and will both advance our field and ensure higher standards of practice and welfare. The modules offer a series of short, theme-based learning blocks for professionals that are already working with animals, and for anyone who is new to the fascinating field of Human Animal Interactions. Each module covers a salient theme in practice and research on human-animal interactions.

If you are new to Anthrozoology, or you need to complement your understanding and abilities in this field, these modules are suited for you. You will get a good grounding in key topics that are taught at an academic level.

In almost every module, there will be explicit attention for the link between science and practice. A certificate will be awarded on the successful completion of each module. Please go to the IAHAIO website for more details: IAHAIO.org