ICAC KOBE 2015 Program


ICAC KOBE 2015 Program


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  Convention Hall Lounge Seminar Room Kobe Portopia Hotel
19th (Sun.)
Keynote Symposium
“-Turning the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake into Brighter Futures for People and Fellow Animals - What kind of everyday life should we protect?”
14:30〜17:30 Symposium 1
“Escaping Disasters with Companion Animals (tentative)”
Oral Session 2
“One Plan Approach ~Integrated way to live in coexistence with wild animals”
Oral Session 1
“Food Safety/Zoonosis”
18:30〜20:30 Reception
20th (Mon.)
Symposium 2
“Recent Topics of Zoonosis”
Symposium 3
“To strengthen the Japanese Livestock Industry’s capacity for disaster management”
Oral Session 3
“Education/Human-Animal Relations”
14:00〜17:00 Symposium 4
“A Happy Community through The Support System for Keeping Companion Animals – Building a warm and lively community through living with animal companions.”
Symposium 5
“Concidering The future of Veterinary Disaster Medicine in Japan”
Oral Session 4
17:00〜17:30 Closing
Poster Session Award