ICAC KOBE 2015 Oral Session


Oral Presentation Application Guideline


ICAC KOBE 2015 is now accepting applications for the oral presentations. There are four sessions and the organization in charge of each theme will select the presenter.

In line with the conference theme “Brighter Futures for People and Fellow Animals “, any research topic contributing to this theme is valid regardless of specialty area. The Organizers aim to share and exchange information from a wide range of fields including veterinary medicine, zoonosis, disaster management, human-animal relations, sustainable ecology, food safety, education, etc.


1) “Food Safety/Zoonosis”    Japan Veterinary Medical Association

2) “One Plan Approach ~Integrated Way to Live in Coexistence with Wild Animals”   Japanese Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine

3) “Education/Human-animal Relations”   Executive Committee

4) “Other”   Executive Committee


【Guidelines for Applicants】

Presenters will be selected by the organization in charge of each theme.


15 minutes for each group + 5 minutes for question and answer


Sunday, July 19, 2015  14:30~17:30
Oral Presentation 1  “Food Safety/Zoonotic Infection”
Oral Presentation 2  “One Plan Approach ~Integrated Way to Live in Coexistence with Wild Animals” 


Monday, July 20   10:00~13:00
Oral Presentation 3  “Education/Involvement with Children”


Monday, July 20  14:00~17:00
Oral Presentation 4  “Other”

*Presenters receive a complimentary invitation to the Reception on Sunday, 19th July, 18:30~20:30.


A free-of-charge conference report will be prepared after the conference and will be available for download from the Knots website. The Organizers ask all presenters to contribute their poster data.


November 1, 2014 ~March 31th, 2015


Results will be emailed to applicants by the end of March, 2015.


Please save your abstract in PDF format. Include your presentation title, a summary of less than half page of A4, plus presenter name and organization. Please also attach an English translation.
*Oral presentation abstracts will be printed in the ICAC KOBE 2015 Book of Abstracts / Program, and will also be displayed on the website.