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Live Love Animals ICAC KOBE
The 3rd International Conference on Animal Care in KOBE 2014
(ICAC KOBE 2014)
—For the Future of People and Other Animals

■Date:Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th July, 2014
■Venue:Kobe Portopia Hotel  (International Conference & Reception )
■Registry fee:Charge Free

Date Symposium
19th (Sat)
■ Opening
■ Keynote Speech Dr. Hiroshi Kida “Ecology of Influenza Viruses ―for the control of avian influenza and preparedness for pandemic influenza―”
Member of the Japan Academy / Distinguished Professor, Hokkaido University / Head, Research Center for Zoonosis Control / Head, OIE World Reference Laboratory for Avian Influenza / Head, WHO Collaborating Centre for Zoonoses Control

Venue: Kairaku Room
  Waraku Room Kitano Room Ikuta Room
19th (Sat)
■ Symposium Ⅰ
Zoonoses around living environment

Organizer: Society for Zoonoses Research

■ Symposium Ⅱ
Animals Unlock People’s Hearts ~ CAPP Activities Exceed 15,000 Sessions

Organizer: Japanese Animal Hospital Association

Supporting Company: ROYAL CANIN JAPON

■ Symposium Ⅲ
The Cycle of Violence: The Connection Between Violence to Humans and Animals

Organizer: Japan Animal Welfare Society, Japanese Coalition for Animal Welfare

19th (Sat)
■ Reception
Venue: Kairaku Room
20th (Sun)
■ Symposium Ⅵ
Damage to the Livestock Industry Caused by Wild Animals

Organizer: Japanese Society for Applied Animal Behaviour

■ Symposium Ⅴ
One World, One Health —What is Happening in Polar Areas?

Organizer: The Japanese Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, Japan Bear Network
■ Symposium Ⅳ
“Always Together” —A Great Society Providing Excellent Owner Support

Organizer: Secretariat

Supporting Company: Nestle Japan Limited, Nestle Purina PetCare

20th (Sun)
■ Symposium Ⅶ
Advanced Veterinarian Technologies and Terminal Medical Care for Pets (incl. Euthanasia)

Organizer: Japan Veterinary Medical Association

Corporate Supporter:  DS Pharma Animal Health Co., Ltd.

■ Symposium Ⅷ
Stock raising Now! Food safety and animal welfare

Organizer: The Japanese Society of Veterinary Science

■ Symposium Ⅸ
Teaching Children that All Life is Precious: Nara Prefecture’s “Inochi” Education

Organizer: Nara Prefecture Uda Animal Park Promotion Office, Japan Animal Welfare Society, PIIA Knots

Supporting Company: Mars Japan Limited

20th (Sun)
■ Closing
Venue: Waraku