The 2nd Live Love Animals International Conference on Animal Care in KOBE 2012

The 2nd Live Love Animals International Conference on Animal Care in KOBE 2012 ‘Medical Treatment and Health Care’ The 2nd Live Love Animals International Conference on Animal Care in KOBE 2012 ‘Medical Treatment and Health Care’ What is important for the happiness of humans  and other animals?

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th
February, 2012

International Conference & Reception /
Kobe Portopia Hotel,

Festival in parallel with Conference /
Kobe International Exhibition Halls,
Hall No.3 Building

Registration Cost: Free of charge

ADVISORS: Prof. Takashi UEMURA, Shijonawate Gakuen University
Dr. Hiroko SHIBANAI, Advisor, Japanese Animal Hospital Association /
Director, Akasaka Animal Hospital
Dr. Kimihiro TAMAI, Chairperson, Veterinary Association of Wakayama Prefecture
Dr. Chizuko YAMAGUCHI, Veterinary Inspector, Japan Animal Welfare Society
Ms. Keiko YAMAZAKI, Companion Animal Study Group “Go”


With the 15th anniversary of the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake in our hearts, this conference wishes to help improve the welfare of animals (including humans) all over the world by showing that our responsibilities extend both far and wide, within and beyond, our society. The conference will achieve this through a broad exchange of expertise and knowledge, and with a format to encourage innovative debate, including evaluation of new techniques and technologies and their implementation.

About The Theme

Japan has been facing a very serious outbreak of foot and mouth disease among industrial animals. The extent of the problem has made us acutely aware that animal health care issues can have a noticeable impact on society. Zoonosis incidents (diseases that can be transmitted between animals and human beings), as exemplified by recent outbreaks SARS and influenza, have also fore-grounded the importance of effective crisis management within both animals and human communities. Preparedness measures as well as prevention measures against outbreaks are needed. There is now greater awareness (and indeed greater concern) regarding health care management on a daily life basis for boosting immunity levels and thereby combating infectious diseases.


Live Love Animals


Date & Time Contents Organizer Sponsoring Org.
Saturday 18th February
10:00-13:00 Opening Ceremony / Keynote Speech Secretariat  
14:30-17:30 Workshop I (Man Animal Infectious Diseases) Secretariat (tentative)  
Workshop II (Animal Assisted Activity Case Studies) Japanese Animal Hospital Association (JAHA)  
Workshop III (Shelter Medicine) Japan Animal Welfare Society (tentative) Mars Japan Limited (under discussion)
2Sunday 19th February
10:00-13:00 Workshop IV (Dietetics for Older Dogs) Secretariat Nestle PURINA
Workshop V (One World One Health) Japanese Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (JSZWM)  
Workshop VI (Exhibit Animals Healthcare)    
14:30-17:300 Workshop VII ‘Diversity in Animal Medical Treatment’ Japan Veterinary Medical Association  
Workshop VIII (Combatting Industrial Animal Infections) Secretariat  
Workshop IX (About Breeding)    
17:30-18:00 Closing Ceremony