@Live Love Animals Symposium
  This Symposium is held every year always with themes relevant to ethe co-existence of humans and animalsf. Leading authorities in their fields, from within and outside Japan, are invited to speak with and their lectures and panel discussions directly address the meetingfs specific theme.
  @Hyogo Animal Well-being Center Special Lectures
  These events are an invitation to the main speaker of the above symposium to make an additional lecture. With Hyogo Animal Well-being Center as joint organizer the Lectures have been held annually between from 2003 to 2006.
  @Children's Seminars
  These seminars are held to provide correct information about animals to children and to give children opportunities to think about the importance of elifef and problems surrounding human and animals. They are held jointly with local official organizations, once or twice a year.
  @Live Love Animals Y2 Day with Dogs
@@ - Letfs Play on the Lawn with Our Dogs -
  Between 2002 and 2007 Knots has held this event each year for the General Public in conjunction with its General Meeting for members. However, from 2008 onwards, the event has been held separately to the General Meeting. Together with the Kobe Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as joint organizer the event has various programs such as introduction of Kobe Cityfs adoption program for abandoned dogs, demonstrations and games by organizations active mainly in Hyogo Prefecture. Throughout the event, an atmosphere of total happiness for sharing time with animals is very much apparent. Also the eLive Love Animals Awardsf are presented at this event.
From 2004, the name of event was changed from ePlay Day with Dogsf to eY2 Day with Dogsf.
  @Live Love Animals Festival
  By providing opportunities for dog owners to spend an enjoyable time together with their treasured dogs, this Festival is held every year with an aim to nurture an animal-sensitive attitude and to promote the importance of animal-keeping manners based on owner responsibilities for dogs
  @Dog Run
  Managing the Dog Run and holding related events.
The dog run system is provided by Mt. Rokko Country House and operated by Knots.
  @Other Awareness-Building Activities