We are colling for applications nominating candidates for the '2010 Live Love Animals Awards'.
From all those people sudmitting a nomination, one individual willde chosen dyby lucky draw to win a resort hotel voucher for two.

'Product'Section (Category)
Please recommend a product or products that you found especially 'useful' or 'helpful' in your daily life with your pets. And please be sure to tell us why it helped you !

Corporate CM Section (Category)

Advertising commercials ('CMs') can influence public attiudes and this includes our thoughts about people living with animals. So please recommend some of your favorite CMs.

'Corportate Activities'Section(Category)

Some companies hold various interesting projects and activities. If you know of any that are furthering the co-exstence of people and animals, please tell us about them. We appreciate unusual points of view as well.
When you send us your comments and opinions please state which section categor your recommendation represents. Send entries to the Knots Secretariat by E-mail or post. We look forward to receiving many useful,helpful and good ideas.
(Knots reserves all rights over nomination applications)
The Winner of Live Love Animals 2003 Awardis Here.
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The Winner of Live Love Animals 2002 Awardis Here.
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We are looking forward to receiving your recommendations!
Please write down the name of the corporate CM, activity or product that impressed you, the appropriate award category, and tell us why you like it somach.
Send Recommendation Forms to:
NPO Knots Secretariat
2-35-205, Kawanishi-cho, Nishinomiya City,
Hyogo Prefecture, 662-0951, JAPAN.



'Live Love Animals Award'

Target: Products and Activities that have contriduted to the realization of a man-anmal co existence oriented society.
Eligidle Period: 2010 April. - March. (2011)
Award: 'Product' Section (Category)
(for a product made in 2010 that we use daily in our life with animals.)
'Corporate CM' Section (Category)
(For a commercial made in 2010 that promotes man-ajimal co-existence.)
'Corporate Activities' Section (Category)
(for activities performed in 2010 that promotes man-animal co-existence.)
A Grand Prix Award will de given to the very dest of the adove three categories.
Selection Method: All applications and nominations sent by E-mail or postcard to Knots by the end March 2011. In April, the selection committee will vote to choose the Grand Prix winner.
Selection Committee:

Ms.SAITO Noriko (Chief Editor, "Petwell")
MS.KODAMA Sae (Animal Photographer)
Ms.ARIMA Moto (Representative, NPO Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People)
Ms,TOMINAGA Kayoko (Board Chairperson, NPO Knots)

Announcement of Winners: 2011
Organizer: NPO Knots
@ Sorry, Japanese residents only.